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Daily Morning Coffee with Elder Coordinator Kelvin Bee

8:00am - 12:00pm:  We open our doors to members of the community who may need somewhere to go early in the morning. Many community members are temporarily housed at nearby shelters and the shelters require people to leave in the morning. Our coffee program offers a hot beverage and the welcoming space of a drop-in where they may sit as they prepare themselves to start their day. The drop-in is an entry-point to food/meals, advocacy, referrals, resources, education, and other programming such as: housing, food bank, and social services such as: I.D. replacement, and culturally relevant Aboriginal Elders and to re-connect with their culture.                                                                                         

Mandala Mondays  Mandala

Mondays 10:00am - 2:00 pm

Come in and sit down and colour Mandalas. Colouring a mandala helps relax and enhances meditation for those who do it. It improves the balance of the body, mind and spirit. After engaging in colouring a mandala, the mind gradually begins to relax and there is room for processing thoughts and feelings that come into focus.

Elders Circle

Tuesdays 10:00am -11:30am AFDS

All Nations Welcome.  Intent of the circle is to assist individuals in balancing their personal medicine wheels in health, wellness and self sustainability and social inclusion. 

Workshop process:

The Circle begins with a sage smudge circle and prayer.

Workshop & Discussion are influenced by the circle of participants of the day of and guided by our Elders.

Topics Include: Traditional Teachings in: Four Directions, Goal Setting, Grief & Loss, Grounding, Ceremonies, Money Management, Cleansing, Communications, Tenant and Landlord Conflict Resolutions & Relation Building,Self care: Home care, Time Management, Public Education, Social Networking and Harm Reduction.

Inspired participants always share their additional wisdom and council and public & community announcements.     

Pod Cast Tuesdays 1:00 pm -3:00 pm

Come in and have a tea and listen to Podcasts. 

These tracks are typically audio recordings of a conversation between a host and a guest speaker, just like the ones you can listen to on the radio, or a single monologue of a person sharing his or her thoughts.

Time to decolonize the airwaves! There are loads of podcasts created and hosted by Indigenous people that aim to tell stories from an Indigenous perspective. From true crime to current affairs, sci-fi analysis to music storytelling, this list covers a wide range of Indigenous podcasters putting out ground-breaking content for your ears.                                                                                               

Transitions Program

Wednesdays 1:00pm -3:00pm AFDS

Continuous Intake and Interviews 

Where: Aboriginal Front Door Society

Days: Monday - Friday

Time: 8:30am – 4pm

About AFDS Transition Program:

The Transitions service program helps women, men and transgender (two spirited) people of all ages in the downtown eastside community to exit sex work using an Aboriginal Cultural approach. This is unique to the consortium.

Our peer support program helps sex workers transition into a healthy, positive lifestyle with support for employment, life skills, recovery, or any possible way. There will be inside and outside referrals. We will provide one-on-one sessions and group workshops and cultural circles every second week.

We base the needs of the clients from their intake and care plan. After you graduate the program we will still be there to support you.

Workshops/Circles will offer:

  • Basic Life skills
  • Employment Skills
  • Individual support & intervention (housing, detox, health, etc.)
  • Academic support
  • Cultural teachings
  • Outside/inside referrals
  • Cultural activities (sweats, ceremonies, etc.)
  • Peer support
  • Access to Elders

The will be a lunch provided and bus tickets for the clients who attend the workshops or the one-on-one sessions. If you show up to 4 workshops/circles there will be an incentive.

Transitions TRAUMATIC LOSSES GROUP start February 6th. Room for more participants. AFD closed for this program only.

Cal Candace: 604-697-5662

Wednesday 12:30 pm – 3pm                                                                                                                                                                     

Food Bank  AFDS  

Wednesday at 10:00am - until all given away                                  

*Except cheque issue week


Thursdays Games Day

1:00 - 3:00 pm

Come down and join in the fun. Games will vary from cards, to crib to pictionary,and games of skills.                                                                                  

Bannock Give Away  AFDS

Every Second Friday 9:30am -  until all given away

Next Bannock Day Friday, February 15, 2019
then every other Friday

March 1, 15, 29, etc.

*Except cheque issue week


VPL Librarian Visit

nə́c̓aʔmat ct Strathcona Librarian will visit on same days as Bannock Day.